Steward Development Weekend

It is vital that UNISON Stewards are well trained and before they are able to undertaken case-work, they must go through a rigorous weeks training. This must be updated every 5 years to keep their accreditation.

As a number of stewards were due to undergo their refresher training, it was decided to hold a development weekend in January 2017 so all stewards could be trained together and keep their accreditation up to date.

Scott Donohoe from Unison presented the training where the following issues were discussed:

• Branch design

• Health and Safety

• Equalities Act 2010

• Mental Health

Unsion Rep Developmement

All stewards successfully completed the training, which allows them to be accredited for a further 5 years!

Day 2 of the weekend involved training on Mental Health Awareness. This was an excellent introduction on what mental illness is, how to identify the signs of mental illness and how does mental health affect us. This was very eye opening training and led to some very powerful discussions.

We took the opportunity to take all stewards photographs for the website and these along with contact details can be found here.

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